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Irene Higginbotham

Provo, Utah

What I found


There'll Be a Tomorrow

I Just Don't Want to Say Goodnight

It Must Be You

Washington DC

What I found


Destination Unknown

My Heart is at your Command

It's Mad Mad Mad

Indiana Blues

Ol Man Jeep

I've been researching the composer Irene Higginbotham for the past few years. Fumée recorded a collection of her compositions last summer and I'm hoping to release digitally and on CD the album by late summer. 

I found Irene's work when I was searching for new music for Fumée. We play a regular gig every Monday at Rogers Park Social. If you're ever in Chicago, it's the best bar in the city, you should stop by. I try to bring in a new tune every week and to keep myself honest, I started posting about the song on our social media accounts. I would look up a photo of the composer and share the title of the song along with the photo each week. After a while, I started to notice a trend: almost all of the composer were white men. I began actively looking for songs by women and people of color. The first tune of Irene's that I brought in was a beautiful ballad I had heard jazz singer Elaine Dame perform, "This Will Make You Laugh". The lyrics are haunting and beautiful and the music is really gorgeous. Because I loved the tune so much, I looked for more music by her. Being a long time Billie Holiday fan, I had put Good Morning Heartache in the book long ago. I found "No Good Man" and dug up some sheet music off the internet. 

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