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Buddy Feyne was born Bernard Feinstein June 9th, 1912 in Harlem. He changed his name to Buddy Feyne in the 1930s after comedian Milton Berle told him his name was too jewish.

Feyne began his career singing with several different bands in New York and eventually began writing his own material.


Feyne was a lyricist best known for writing the lyrics for Jersey Bounce and Tuxedo Junction. He got the opportunity to write lyrics for instrumental pieces while working for Lewis Music Company. Lewis Music Company published "race records", the term used for music by and for black Americans. 


Early in his career he sang live on CBS radio and was the first person to sing "Stardust" live on air. He also produced shows for Armed Forces Radio Service while serving in WWII. Later in life, he formed the publishing company Essenjay and the record label Segue Records. 

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